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Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School

Carrying On The Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School

Carrying On The Dream

While we are engaged in Remote Learning, the science department will used the following breakdown in determining grades:

  • Remote Activities: 60% (including online submissions, mostly using google forms, of activities and readings )
  • Assessments: 30% (tests, quizzes, exit tickets)
  • Participations: 10% (attendance in zoom meeting and communication with the teacher)

Please check with your teacher about retakes and make-ups. We do allow makeup on most work, if possible. 

Before we moved to Remote Learning, the science department has put 10% of the grade into homework and outside participatory projects. The main portion of the scholar's grade then was broken equally into three parts:
  • Groupwork: 30% (including evidences in notebook, and other measures)
  • Performance Tasks: 30% (end-of-unit projects, reports, labs, science fair, etc.)
  • Assessments: 30% (tests, quizzes- Please check with your teacher about the policy concerning retakes and make-ups.)
Here are the, still current, Science Department Goals for the 2017-2018 School Year.
1) Academic Goal
All scholars will be prepared for high school science having embedded science and engineering practices into performance expectations.
Instructional Plan/Assessment
The science department will engage scholars in lab-based activities leading to a culminating project each quarter (exceeding the A-G requirements) which will prepare scholars for college and career.  
Performance tasks will be a primary focus within the classroom setting.
2) Academic Goal (AVID)
MLK scholars will use Cornell Note-taking Strategy to take notes and study in all science classes.
Instructional Plan/Assessment
Scholars will receive grades for the quality and quantity.
Scholars may be able to use notes for tests to reinforce note-taking.
Scholars will learn how to study by flipping the Cornell Notes.
3) Behavior Goal
All scholars enrolled in science classes will use procedures for activities and transitions without teacher instruction or redirection most frequently enter and exit the classroom quietly and begin the “Do Now” in a timely fashion without teacher instruction or redirection on a daily basis by the end of the first quarter
Instructional Plan/Assessment
Scholars that disrupt classroom procedures will be retaught before verbal warning  before given consequences: verbal warning, parent contact, think time/restorative justice, teacher detention, and possibly an office referral.
4) Behavior Goal (Social)
The science department will continue to encourage community support for science based specific scholar needs.  
Instructional Plan/Assessment
Scholars that do not bring the required supplies or need outside help with be offered support.  
5) Audacious Goal
Scholars will develop a sense of community and engagement through problem-based learning applied to cross cutting concepts.  
Instructional Plan/Assessment
Complex instruction norms will be used in activities. At least one goal will be posted each class period. All grade levels will be using the Stanford Complex Instruction Norms for group work.


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