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Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School

Carrying On The Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School

Carrying On The Dream
Rules and Expectations
We expect you to:
  • Be on time, sitting quietly in your roll call spot before the bell rings
  • Suit up in the MLK PE uniform everyday
  • Leave backpack in your locker. No backpacks on the floor
  • Follow all the locker room rules
  • Be an active participant in all required activities and give your “personal best” displaying good sportsmanship, effort, and attitude
  • Tell us if there is a serious problem with someone or something; but remember no tattling
  • Stay in your designated PE area the entire class period; leaving without permission will result in a cut and referral to office
  • Be responsible for your actions; accept consequences for poor decisions
  • Follow all school rules
  • Be respectful of others
Locker Room Rules
  • Walk when entering and exiting-DO NOT RUN
  • Keep voices down
  • Use assigned locker only- DO NOT SHARE combinations or clothing
  • Locker room privileges are only for students who are dressing for PE
  • Respect and keep the locker room clean
  • Enter offices/gym with permission only
  • Dress at your locker
  • No food, gum, or drink is permitted in the locker room, gym, or PE areas
  • No school uniforms are to be worn underneath your PE clothes; this will result in a non-suit
  • You have six minutes to change at the beginning of period and eight minutes at the end of the period
Regulation uniforms are required and may be purchased through the main office.  The cost will be $10.00 each for shorts and shirt.  Sweatshirts will be $20.00 and sweat pants will be $15.00.
The uniform required for participants consists of:
  • PE shirt with last name only (no other writing is allowed on shirt)
  • PE shorts with last name only
  • Athletic socks
  • Athletic shoes (laces or Velcro closures required due to safety issues)
Uniform Guidelines
  • Students may not wear another student’s uniform.
  • Sweatshirt and sweatpants are encouraged when dressing on cold or windy days (prepare accordingly for cold weather; we will dress on rainy days and meet indoors)
  • Students may not wear their school uniform underneath their PE uniform; this will result in a non-suit.
  • Each student is responsible for keeping his/her uniform clean, neat and in good repair; do not write on PE uniform.
Excuse Notes
A student may be excused by a parent’s note for a maximum of ONE DAY. The reason, date, parent/guardian signature and phone number must be included. The student will still dress out for PE and be required to make up their missed participation.
Excuses for longer than three days require a physician’s note. With an extended doctor’s note the student’s grade will be averaged with actual participation time during the quarter.
Students will be expected to dress for PE unless special circumstances exist.
Student will be expected to make up any missed work due to their non- participation.
Grading and Citizenship
Each student will be graded according to the following aspects:
  • Dress, effort level, participation, attitude, sportsmanship, assessment, projects, and various class assignments.
  • Examples of actions that will result in point reductions are:
  • Non-dress, poor effort, non-participation, profanity, gum chewing, tardies and referrals.
PE Non-Suit Policy
1st Infraction:
  • Reduction of points for the day
  • Participate in your school uniform
2nd  Infraction:
  • Reduction of points for the day
  • Participate in your school uniform
3rd Infraction:
  • Reduction of points for the day
  • Email to counselor and Vice Principal
  • And/or receive a phone call home to parent/guardian
Subsequent Infractions may result in alternative placement. (OCS, Schedule change, suspension for PE)
After School Sports Program
All scholars are encouraged to join/sign up/compete with the After School Sports Program.  The ASSP includes the following sports:     Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Wrestling, and Track.


PE  Grading  Scale.
Scholars  earn 10  points  a  Day.
5  points : Wearing  correct  and  full  PE  uniform
3  points : Full  participation in Activity
2 Points : Full participation in Warm up
Test  are  worth 5  points
Teachers  at  their discretion  can  deduct points  for tardies , profanity , cell phones , cutting class , referrals   etc..
If  Scholar  is  absent , they must  arrange  a  time  with  Teacher  to  make up  points lost.