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Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School

Carrying On The Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School

Carrying On The Dream
Our Tiger Math Team is dedicated to the success of all our MLKJ scholars. We are centered on developing a growth mindset in each child that says “I can” instead of “I can’t”. We have the challenge of helping our scholars master the California Common Core Standards, as well as helping them fill in any gaps in their knowledge of the math curriculum. As Tiger Math Teachers, we readily accept that challenge and are excited to work with our scholars this year!
Each grade level teaches standards in the following domains:
  • number system
  • expressions and equations
  • functions
  • geometry
  • statistics
Although at all grade levels, homework is only worth 10% of the overall grade, homework is extremely vital to each child’s success in math. When homework is not completed, it is extremely difficult for a scholar to advance. However, each completed assignment substantially strengthens a scholar’s math abilities.
MLKJ Math Department Goals:
  • Further prepare our scholars to be college and career ready both academically and socially.
  • Create a classroom environment that allows scholars to own their education and process information the way they do in the real world. Our scholars will be able to apply what they’re learning.
  • Build self-confidence in our scholars through academic achievement.
  • Provide additional support for our scholars each week through Mastery Center and other interventions.
Thank you. We hope to make this our most successful year ever!!!
Students will log in at and enter their student ID as their access code to complete their surveys.


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